Testing Guns

Firearm Transfer Procedure from Other Dealers

All gun purchases made online must be shipped to a Federal License Holder. We are able to provide those services for you. If you’d like to place an order through an online dealer, you can have it shipped to Gunshooter for a $40 fee. For additional guns transferred in the same transaction, the cost is $20 for a second gun ($60 total for 2 guns) and $10 per gun for 3 or more ($70 for 3 guns). Please read the procedure and background check terms thoroughly before starting the process. If Step 4 is not completed properly, it may result in you not receiving your firearm.

  1. Contact Gunshooter to setup the transfer with the dealer and order information including:
    • Name of Customer (your name)
    • Purchase Details
    • Name of Dealer
    • Dealer’s Email and/or Fax #
  2. Gunshooter will send our FFL to the dealer.
  3. The dealer will ship the gun to us along with their FFL and the weapon.
  4. When the shipment arrives, gunshooter will notify the customer that it is available for pickup. The customer is subject to a background check prior to the release of the item. If the background check is not cleared, we are unable to release the item to you. If this occurs, you will have two options: allow Gunshooter to sell the gun for a consignment fee or attempt to send it back to the dealer for a refund (not guaranteed).

Personal Transfers

Delaware law states that all firearms sold between residents of the State must be processed through a licensed firearms dealer. There are a few exceptions – Transfers between immediate family members and transfers to a person that holds a current Delaware CCDW.

  1. Both parties must present themselves to Gunshooter in person with the firearm to be transferred and a valid Delaware Driver’s license.
  2. The buyer must complete ATF Form 4473 and a background check will be initiated with The National Instant Check System (NICS). A fee of $35.00 will be charged for all long guns and $35.00 for all handguns. Additional guns transferred during the same transaction will be an additional $10 per firearm. Handguns require us to provide a safety lock in accordance with Federal regulations.
  3. There are three scenarios up on completion of the background check:
    • PROCEED – We can immediately transfer the firearm to the buyer.
    • DELAYED – We cannot transfer the firearm immediately. We are allowed to transfer the firearm after 25 business days (IAW Delaware State Law) or when we receive a further notification from NICS as a PROCEED. However, if we transfer the firearm IAW with State guidance and a further notification of a “DENIED” is received, the ATF will come to the buyer’s house and confiscate the weapon.
    • DENIED – The firearm cannot be transferred as the buyer is prohibited from possessing a firearm.
  4. If a PROCEED is received, the firearm will be logged into our record book just as though it was purchased by us from the seller. We will then log it out to the buyer.
  5. If the firearm is left with us during this process, we must assume possession of it and log it in our Acquisition & Disposition book.  If the buyer is DENIED, the seller will have to complete a NICS background check with a PROCEED to get their firearm back. If the seller is DENIED, we would have to sell the firearm for the seller at current consignment rates.