Colt Sporter Match HBAR
.223 Caliber, Serial Number with “MH” Prefix 6601 Preban Rifle. Excellent Condition $1479.95 Pick Up Price.


Walther PPK/S Made in Germany
Imported by Interarms .380 with Extra Mag, box and test target, Excellent Condition Manufactured in 1972 $799.95 Pick Up Price

Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector

pre-model 34, .32 s&w long. Comes with Folsom’s Audley AP332 leather holster, and 2 boxes of Vintage Western .32 S&W Long Center fire Cartridges, Our Price- $524.95 SN:526XXX

Bushmaster DCM

1:8 Twist Match Barrel, 5.56/.223 cal, Match sights, Jewel Match Trigger, Competition Rifle- shot less than 500 rounds, $1000.00

Springfield M1 Garand 

Completely rebuilt.  WWI receiver, new wood, new barrel, reparkerized.  Like new condition, with sling. $1299.95 picked up in store.