Thompson Center Arms 44 magnum Contender with a 357 Herrett barrel, a 221 Remington Fireball barrel with scope base and rings, additional 44 magnum barrel, a 223 Remington Super 14 barrel with scope, and an additional Thompson Center Scope and a competition pistol box. – $1250

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Savage 23C 32-20

Manufactured 1923-1942. Excellent bore, with a vintage Weaver 330 scope. 95%-98% condition. $399,95

Winchester Model 94

Manufactured in 1958. Lever action, .30/30. 98% condition. $749.95


Colt Officers Model Match

Manufactured in 1950. 38 Special RARE! Single Action only. Excellent Condition $749.95

Pistol - Items of Interest

M1 Tanker:  This Tanker has a WWII Springfield receiver, USGI parts, and was built in .308 caliber.  This rifle has a new commercial barrel, USGI sling, and comes with 10 enblocs.  Priced at $1499.95.



Springfield M1 Garand – Completely rebuilt.  WWI receiver, new wood, new barrel, reparkerized.  Like new condition, with sling. $1299.95 picked up in store.

Smith-Corona M1903A3 – New WWII Remington 12-43 barrel, new wood, reparkerized.  Like new condition.  Just what you need for that vintage rifle competition!   $799.95, picked up in store.