Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector

pre-model 34, .32 s&w long. Comes with Folsom’s Audley AP332 leather holster, and 2 boxes of Vintage Western .32 S&W Long Center fire Cartridges, Our Price- $524.95 SN:526XXX

Arisaka Type

99 7.7mm, designed by Arisaka for the Japanese Imperial Army, has 16 petal Emperor’s Chrysanthemum. Has the Marine’s name stamped on the side of the stock. Matching numbers, Our price $379.95 SN:712XX

Bushmaster DCM

1:8 Twist Match Barrel, 5.56/.223 cal, Match sights, Jewel Match Trigger, Competition Rifle- shot less than 500 rounds, $1000.00


Springfield M1 Garand 

Completely rebuilt.  WWI receiver, new wood, new barrel, reparkerized.  Like new condition, with sling. $1299.95 picked up in store.

Smith-Corona M1903A3 

New WWII Remington 12-43 barrel, new wood, reparkerized.  Like new condition.  Just what you need for that vintage rifle competition!   $799.95, picked up in store.